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Terra Vitis is a national federation of farmers, cooperatives, wine merchants and authorities in the field of agriculture and environment in France. Terra Vitis realizes “production viticole raisonnée”; a sensible, decent viticulture with respect for people and nature!

The requirements that every affiliated winegrower must meet are determined by the federation and laid down in the “Cahier des charges” (law book), inter alia:

– Respect for nature and the environment
– Better working conditions and safety for employees
– Good hygiene
– Technical development
– Quality of the wines
– Checking and description of all methods and materials used.

Strict control of production methods and technology, from the vineyard (the vine) to the cellar (bottling), strives for a pure quality product with respect for people and the environment.
This creates beautiful, pure wines. Wines without additives, but with character, quality and passion!





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